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Frank Weltner Is An Old Fashioned Jew Hater

Enough said on that idea. What I find interesting is that society seems to be moving back towards its preWW2 level Jew hatred. Its never ending for the Jewish Nation. I hope and pray that the Jewish Nation and the righteous gentiles that support it will be redeemed shortly.


Frank Weltner and Jew Watch

It occurred to me the other day that Frank often says he loves all of mankind, even Jews–he just doesn’t like Zionists.  Hmmm…then Frank why call your sight Jew Watch? Call it Zionist Watch or These are Problematic Zionists Watch. I don’t understand, if you really loved all of mankind even Jews then your website shouldn’t be named Jew Watch, but if you started to put positive things about Jews on your website along with all the negative aspects then Jew Watch would make more sense.  Of course then you would be boring and you could probably do that for any ethnic or cultural group.  Then again if you doubled your content with positive content about Jews you would be sitting nice and pretty at #1 on Google for the word “Jew,” since your search optimization would be spectacular. Then again you wouldn’t get all that funding from hate groups like the KKK or probably some leftist anti-Israel group or other vicious hate mongering collection of worthless anti-Semites.

Jew Watch News is nothing but anti-Semitic

Frank Weltner has put up on his website a video he took from You Tube on the 9/11 bombings being a conspiracy from the govt. themselves.  Thats all well and good, but putting up on a web site entitled Jew Watch can only mean one thing–The Jews Did It!  Frank Weltner and Jew Watch are nothing but a bunch of anti-Semitic hate mongers.

Who is the real Frank Weltner

This blurb I snatched from Wikipedia:

St. Louis City Circuit Judge Julian L. Bush permanently barred Frank Weltner and his site from soliciting funds in Missouri for charitable purposes after it was revealed by State Attorney General Jay Nixon that Frank Weltner had set up multiple websites soliciting funds for Katrina victims and then redirected those wishing to donate to his site that collected money for Jew Watch. A press release from the Attorney General said: “Anyone who takes advantage of the generosity and compassion of his fellow citizens in an attempt to fund his hate-filled Web site should never again be in the position to solicit charitable funds from well-meaning Missourians”.

The funny thing is Frank Weltner is more shady than the “Zionists” he has set out to destroy.

Catching up to Frank Weltner on Tu B’Av

Hate to brag but for the key word “Frank Weltner” this blog is 15 and for “Jew Watch” its now 16.

A quick note on Tu B’Av:  Its known as a day in Ancient Israel when young men would go out and find their soul mates. This is in stark contrast to six days earlier when the Jewish people who serve as the Creator’s soul mate were left broken as the holy temple was destroyed.  With G-d’s help the temple will be rebuilt in our days and the holy marriage between Israel and the Creator will be revealed, spreading G-dliness throughout the whole world.

Watching Jew Watch News Is Closing in on Jew Watch News

I just want to share with you a few stats on this amazing Tu B’Av (one of the most joyous days on the Jewish calender). Out of no where this blog has reached a rank of three on Google for the phrase “Biography of Frank Weltner.”

Jew Watch vs. Maps of War

Hey everyone take a look at this link It doesn’t seem that Frank Weltner’s hundreds of pages of info on Jew Watch can beat what this map show. Jews have expanded very little in terms of conquest. It seems that the two most expansive religions are Christianity and Islam. Once again Frank Weltner’s info is just wrong. By the way take a look how big Israel is compared to the Islamic area (in green) that surrounds it.